Slime and Tarantulas

I love working at the library, but some days I reeeeally love my job.

On Friday, to advertise for July’s Science Saturday (where we will be making SLIME!), I made a poster and some slime for both visual purposes, and for kids to play with to excite them about the program. Each kid will get to make their own slime, and I’ll take about polymers and how the slime forms from the ingredients.

To make the slime, I first set up my workstation lab.

IMG_5761 I mixed 1/2 cup of water with a teaspoon of Borax. I mixed half a cup (4 oz) of glue with a cup of water (a normal 5 oz bottle of glue works perfectly), and added green food coloring. Then you slowly stir in the Borax solution into the glue, and the slime forms almost instantly. There is a lot of leftover water, but you can scoop it out and start kneading it, and it turns harder and less sticky, and perfect for fun. I used clear gel glue for the final run, but will use white glue for the actual experiment day (will be interesting to see how different it turns out- I will post on it that day!)


IMG_5769A word to the wise- if you do this experiment, have somebody- a sister, neighbor, well behaved dog- take the photos for you. Cleaning slime off cell phone screens = not fun.

Then the Jacksonville Zoo was doing a program with lots of cool animals. The theme was Dig Into Reading, and they brought a hedgehog, snake, bunny, tortoise, and more. My personal favorite animal though was:

IMG_5785I actually got to spend some nice quality time with this pretty lady, while she was in her temporary home.

How many jobs do you get to make slime and chill with tarantulas?  

Then yesterday, I was given a project to sort through and select/size tons of posters…. A gentleman came into work and donated a TON of “vintage” (a few I saw were maybe 10-15 years old, I’ll know upon later inspection) & newer NASA, Lockheed, and Boeing posters. I’ve only seen a few, but some appeared to be from the 90’s-early 00’s. I’ll definitely be taking my camera and sharing picture of the posters. 


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