The Adventures of Gus Griss-bear

Meet Gus Griss-bear.

Named after Apollo astronaut Gus Grissom, Gus Griss-bear has decided to travel and see the world! His adventures will be documented here on 3…2…1… . This is the first installment of his epic adventures.

Gus explores Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 


Gus with the rocket garden! 


Gus and his friend Emily in front of the Atlantis exhibit. 


Atlantis and Gus!


Is it just Gus, or is the gravity in here disappearing….


Gus and his new pals Chris Had-bear and Space Princess


Gus and friends in front of the Orion Crew Capsule. 


Gus with Astronaut Bob Springer!


Gus gets comfortable with the Hubble Space Telescope.


Gus goes back to his roots with the Gemini capsule. 

Gus has a fantastic time at the Kennedy Space Center, and thanks the Missile, Space and Range Pioneers for his opportunity to go. Stay tuned for more adventures of Gus Griss-bear here on 3…2…1… ! 



  1. Cheriese · July 10, 2013

    Love love love love love this! Gus is too cute!! Can’t wait to see more of his adventures 🙂

  2. Educated Chimp · July 11, 2013

    I look forward to more entries from this series! One quick idea for an incredible adventure: Strap a weather balloon and camera rig to Gus, and send him to the edge of the atmosphere! It might cost about 100 dollars, but boy would that be cool to witness!
    I also hope to start my own adventure series. In late August, I’m moving to Germany for school and I’d like to blog my travels. With some luck, my time there might just be as interesting as an astronaut teddy bear!

    • crp0302 · July 11, 2013

      I would love to do that! I’ve been thinking about maybe doing an outreach program in the community with that. I look forward to seeing you blog about your travels!

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