Loving: my garden’s progress! My cayenne pepper plant has started to produce big peppers, and my marigolds are in bloom. My tomatoes are also growing wildly, and it’s amazing! I have my first tomato forming I have also repotted my cabbages and planted garlic, which is sprouting like crazy. My lemon tree is also getting big and growing huge new leaves and new branches. Most of my succulents are thriving, too! I love the success I have had so far in gardening. I would love to expand and start making homegrown food a part of my diet.


Enjoying: the weather. It still hasn’t cooled down too much here in Central Florida (and it’s a lot hotter here than back home in Jacksonville), but the weather is nice. Spent most of the weekend in a hammock on the backyard!

Reading: several books (still). I just finished “Lost Stars”, one of the precursors to the new Star Wars movie, and “The Casual Vacancy” by JK Rowling. I am reading “Aftermath”, the other precursor to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A few of the other good books I’m reading are “Dragon’s Egg”, “Anna Karenina”, and “The Brethren”.

Watching: season two of Reign and 30 Rock! Reign is one of my favorite shows, and season two was recently added to Netflix. It’s honestly not nearly as awesome as season one so I’m hoping that it picks up. I’m now in season 6 of 30 Rock and am trying to finish that show up!

Working on: my astronaut application! Well, I’m not working on it quite yet but since NASA has announced the opening of the application for the next astronaut class, I’ve decided to apply. Although I haven’t been working for three years, I want to try and apply to get practice for the next round of applications! So excited!

Wanting: the holidays to come! Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays. I live for the cheer, merriment, and love during the holiday season.

Learning: patience and mindfulness. I am definitely trying to learn to enhance my patience and mindfulness, in order to relieve myself of unneeded worry and stress. I want to become the best and healthiest person I can be, and ridding myself of unneeded worry is a great way to do that!

What about you all? What has been going on in your life? Feel free to comment or make your own post and link it in the comments!


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