Happy World Vegetarian Day!

It’s World Vegetarian Day! What a great day to celebrate (and try new) plant-based food. I think I will make a new recipe tonight after work to celebrate the colorful and delicious world of fruits and veggies, (especially those that are green and leafy!).

Tell me, what’s your favorite vegetarian/vegan food? Maybe I can find inspiration for dinner tonight! Or if you’re looking for veggie dinner ideas, please comment! I have tons of ideas to share 🙂

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite veggie memes:



The Secret

Have you ever had a secret? Perhaps secret isn’t the best word…but you may know the feeling. There’s some thing that you do or love that, if asked, you may own up to, either freely or in some sort of roundabout way but are kinda afraid to tell people, because you don’t want to be judged? It’s usually something that isn’t “normal”, but is a little wrinkle in the smooth, social fabric.

I have one of those “secrets”.

It’s something that I have gone back and forth on over the past few years. It wasn’t something that, as a child, I thought I would do. But as I have gotten older, I’ve experimented and thought intensely about this “thing”. I talked to my friends, and my family, and finally decided to dive right in. Even then, I have been scared to tell people, out of nervousness of being judged, of being thought of as snobby or difficult. Most of the people I have told have been so positive and awesome, and have made me think my nervousness was misplaced. Perhaps people won’t really judge or care. It’s also something that I am proud of, something that I love, and I am going to come out about it.

I am a vegetarian.
(Life shattering, no?)
((No animal-life pun intended))

I’ll be totally open and honest as I blog about this change. The notion of forsaking Philly cheese steaks and beef tacos was not quite radical or planned. As I grew older, I found myself liking meat less and less. When I first became aware that it was a transition I may want to make, it wasn’t because of the animals or anything like that. I just didn’t really like meat. Sure, there was still some meat-based dishes that I loved, but there was almost no appeal whatsoever in a hunk of meat on a plate for me.

Then the entire animal-loving thing slowly came in, especially after I first met a cow. I have always been a HUGE animal lover, as is most of my family, but there was always a divide in my brain about “food” animals and pets. Then I met a cow and that divide started becoming fuzzy. I had seen cows before and been close to a couple, but I had never sat down and actually pet one or really thought about cows as an emotional being. Then, my beef tacos and beloved peppered beef jerky starting having a face, and it kinda gnawed on me. (Again, no pun intended).

I had started experimenting with vegetarianism at this point, trying to develop dishes and foods that I liked that were meat-free. Then, a few “incidents” involving animals just shattered the wall and I couldn’t eat meat anymore. I was already slowly transitioning as is, but I wasn’t expecting to jump in so quickly and for the reasons I did.

And no, I’m not perfect. I haven’t entirely quit “cold turkey” (that pun was intended) and have cheated a couple of times, but I’ll talk in detail about my exact diet and transition so far in another post.

There is soooo much more I want to blog about as far as the vegetarian transition goes, so I think I will make a few posts about it. If anyone wants to talk about it, or ask questions of any sort, please feel free to drop them in the comment section. Flame posts or trolling isn’t as welcome, but I would love to encourage an open dialogue.