Do you wanna fix a spaceman?

As many of you know, I am the team lead of a group called the Orbital Ospreys that recently flew in zero gravity through NASA’s Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. This is the program’s last summer, and we were part of the last traditional flight week. It was also the first time we applied for the program, and we were so grateful and lucky to be blessed with the chance to take part in NASA’s greatest education program. 

Below is a video of our experience, which we submitted with our final report. 

It may also remind you of an old favorite video game (for those around 25 or younger).


How the Rosetta Spacecraft Will Land on a Comet (Infographic)

Summer has come at last!

Hey everyone!!!!!

I know I have been MIA for pretty much this entire spring semester, but I have conquered my hardest semester yet! Therefore, I am back, ready to blog again!

This semester has truly been rough, but I survived, and did much better than I had anticipated (but I will probably write a separate post about this later). Now, it is summer!!

My summer will be pretty busy though. I fly with NASA is less than a month, and I still have a lot to worry about on that end. But it’s one of the most awesome opportunities of my life, so I don’t mind the extra work or worry. I also start interning at GE Aviation this upcoming Monday! I have no idea what I will be doing there, but it will surely be interesting to find out.

My Science Saturday outreach will also “boom” this summer. The nation’s summer reading theme this year is actually STEM-related, so I am ready to have a fantastically awesome summer inspiring kids to think critically and explore science. It’s going to be marvelous.

And of course, I will be blogging again! I plan to start blogging frequently, but it will probably pick up after flight week.

I hope you all will join me here as I blog about my adventures in space and science this summer!

This Week in Science!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting everyone! It’s been the craziest past couple of weeks. There have been lots of great, great things happening this week in science,  and I had to share. My “STEM links of the week” series is being updated to “This week in science!”.  Please note, some of the posts that are really, really awesome may be older than a week, and the content and format of the posts will not change, just the name.

Without further adieu:

NASA officially finds water on Mars!!!! A soil sample analyzed by Curiousity was comprised of 2% liquid water. By heating up one cubic foot of Martian soil, two PINTS of water is released. This is huge!!!!!

Scientists have created an inexpensive type of polyurethane that heals itself without added pressure or temperature!

Scientists at Harvard and MIT have created a completely new type of matter. They have successfully made photons interact and “bind” like molecules, in a state analogous to a lightsaber.

The fight between ULA/Blue Origin and SpaceX over KSC’s launchpad 39A heats up as Musk insults Blue Origin, saying it is more likely to find “unicorns dancing in the flame duct” than Blue Origin creating a flight-ready suborbital vehicle.

Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus cargo ship successfully docked with the ISS!

STEM Links of the Week


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An “explosive” day!

I hate not posting in a while, but I’ve been sick this past week 😦 Not fun! But now I’m feeling better, right in time for the semester to start. I move back to campus Saturday and start classes Monday!

Last Saturday, I hosted another Science Saturday at the library. We had 66 attendees, our second largest yet! I was very happy to have so many kids; it was the Saturday before Duval county schools started and I wasn’t expecting many! (The crowd outside of the door was ridiculous! I loved it.)

I made four paper mache volcanoes, and had eight kids set those off before everyone made their own with water bottles. It was an absolute blast! The kids and I loved it. Here are some pics from the day.


IMG_2777  IMG_5360 IMG_7053 IMG_8104 IMG_9920

STEM links of the week: NASA edition

There has been a lot of news around NASA lately, so I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s STEM links to our favorite space agency! Check out these recent happenings, and remember, if you have any links you want to be shared on 3…2…1…, drop a line in the comments! 

The WISE space telescope, “retired” in 2011, may be given new life as an asteroid hunting scope!

Woohoo! NASA’s SLS (space launch system) rocket, a HUGE rocket that is larger than the Saturn V, passed its preliminary design review. 

Although Lori Garver is leaving NASA (boo!), discusses the importance of women working at NASA, and how they and everyone can inspire more generations of girls to aim for the STEM fields. 

Whether it’s getting astronauts to an asteroid, protecting space farers from radiation, or creating the most advanced propulsion systems, NASA is always looking for innovative technology. 

STEM Links of the Week

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and of private space company Blue Origin, has an awesome pastime of searching the oceans for old space artifacts. His most recent discovery were the engines from Apollo 11, the mission that first took man to the moon!

An interesting study on what makes people introverted and extroverted. 

How clean should our rovers be when sending them out to Mars and other places in the solar system?

The revolutionary Sabre engine is getting funding from the UK government. Read all about this amazing engine here. 

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