Throwback Thursday

This is a picture of my brother, father, and I at Crystal Springs Park! This may or may not have been at their annual fishing tournament. I was quite young in this picture! Fun fact- somewhere, I still own that necklace that I’m wearing here.



Throwback Thursday


This picture was from my very first internship at Kennedy Space Center in 2010. These were the other KSC INSPIRE interns and I at the “riveting” KSC BEST bbq. I miss everyone here so much! 

Throwback Thursday

Missing my brother, Dakota, today. He’s in the Army and is stationed in Hawaii. This is a picture of us from his bootcamp graduation 2 years ago.


Throwback Thursday: The time I played Mulan and chopped off my hair

Throwback Thursday: Never mimic Mulan

When I was a kid, I LOVED Mulan. Sure, I loved Cinderella, but Mulan was my home girl (and still is). I don’t know what it was about her, but I was in love with that movie. I would watch it time and time again, and could recite nearly every line. I would make up half of my face and would recreate “Reflections” with my blanket. I was a girl in love.

And of course, like any rational kid would do, I would pretend to be Mulan, to an almost severe extent. So of course, when recreating the scene where Mulan sneaks out and chops off her hair via sword, I snuck out to my grandma’s apartment (she lived in the adjacent apartment), and cut off my curls.

And of course I did this on picture day with my brother….

Here’s a lovely before shot:


My hair was so pretty and curly! Then I had to morph into my female Chinese soldier alter-ego, and cut my hair into the lovely hairstyle you see in the top photo.

My parents were less than thrilled with my “devotion to my family and country” and were more horrified of what I had done to my hair, or lack thereof.

But couldn’t they see! One haircut wouldn’t stand in my way! I would still kick butts and save the world.


Throwback Thursday


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Throwback Thursday post! This photo is from my first internship at NASA when I learned to weld. Eric, a beloved coworker and friend, taught me to weld. I happened to be quite good at it, and I fell in love! Welding (particularly TIG welding) is something I really enjoy.

Throwback Thursday

It was three years ago during the height of my first internship at Kennedy Space Center. My “other half” and fellow intern Brooke and I decided to  attend a talk about spacesuits. Boring as it may seem, we did our best to model with the parts of the mock-up suits that were floating around: 



The awesome part, and the part I would like to make note of, was what happened after the presentation. The next day, we actually got to go and try on a actual EVA spacesuit mockup. 

Even without the life-support system, the spacesuit is very heavy. The boots alone were ridiculous, and crushed my hope of running out of the room while wearing the suit. It was also rather warm! (And if NASA ever needs a model astronaut, I’ll consider this post as my portfolio (;   )

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

So I am starting on the Throwback Thursday posts, starting with this picture from when I was about 5 years old. I remember this picture! (I kept closing my eyes, this was the only one that I had my eyes open, but I wasn’t even looking at the camera.) My brother Dakota is next to me, and one of my older brothers Andrew and my dad are in the background.

Sorry that the image quality isn’t the greatest!